pHidrate with LUNA

Regenerative Alkali Electrolytes

Maximize hydration and boost your health with the most bioavailable alkali minerals available!


What’s in Your Water?

LUNA is based on ancient mineral spring water.

LUNA transforms filtered water into regenerative alkali water with the perfect blend of minerals and electrolytes.


Charge Your Cells!

Aids in sleep, memory enhancement & greater energy.

Take LUNA everywhere, and start feeling the difference of better hydration, better pH, and better water.


What is LUNA?

LUNA is a highly structured, stable, alkali, mineral mineral concentrate that brings water to life. Because it mimics the creation of earth’s living spring water, it optimizes cellular hydration and gives your body the charge it needs to stay youthful and healthy.

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Alkaline & Electric

With so many processed, acidic foods in our modern diets, we need to restore our pH balance with LUNA’s alkali elements and replenish the water we drink daily. Drip, Drop, and Drink up!

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Superior Hydration & Absorption

Your cells require water and electrolytes to make the Energy you need to live your Life. Absorption is key and that is why LUNA makes water wetter & better with its regenerative alkali electrolytes. What’s in your water?

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Sustainable Purity

LUNA’s concentrated form is made using our unique ‘pHydro-mimicry’ process which creates the conditions of natural mineral rich spring waters without having to deplete precious spring sources. Regeneration of your health and the planet why we created LUNA.


The Wetter, Better Water

With Liquid PHI’s LUNA concentrate, I actually feel my mouth and my body hydrated instead of having to consume glass after glass of plain water. Philip Valentina, Talent, OR.

The Story of LUNA

With clean water sources quickly diminishing, we at Liquid PHI strive to recreate in a lab what takes nature thousands of years.

We copy the structure of some of the last pristine water sources left, and combine them the way nature intended, to grow concentrated liquid Regenerative Alkali Electrolyte minerals that are simply added to pure, filtered water.

The result? Sweet tasting, structured, anti-oxidant rich, alkaline living water— the way pristine water is meant to be.

pHiDrate with LUNA!

Liquid PHI, where ancient wisdom meets water science.



LUNA is easy to use and take on the go

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