About Liquid PHI

Mineral Rich Regeneration

Luna is as close as it gets to how true spring water is before we depleted and polluted most of our natural surface water sources.

The majority of bottled water products currently on the market are significantly less effective at giving the body what it needs.

Much like living plants, water needs time to structurally and nutritionally mature before it’s suitable to drink. Read the Story of Water.

Thanks to our proprietary pHydro-mimicry process we are able to recreate living spring water with life giving properties Just the way nature intended.

Check out How LUNA is Created.

pHidrate with LUNA's Regenerative Alkali Electrolytes

I started with 3 caps per gallon and felt my nerve endings revitalizing but once I mistakenly drank water without LUNA’s liquid mineral crystals and I realized I couldn’t willingly go without. ~Debra Mulcahy, Mt Shasta, CA.