Biological Resonance: Thriving in a Radioactive Universe


“Biological Resonance provides you with a unique insight and cutting edge understanding of how to stay healthy, youthful and happy in a world filled with increasing environmental hazards, whether it be UV rays from the sun, heavy metals, parasites, or natural and man-made forms of ionizing radiation.”

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To understand the Universe is to understand yourself.

Your body is composed of trillions of atoms, encompassing all of the elements, generated in the cores of countless stars, as are the atoms of the book you are holding in your hands at this very moment. Your body is a dynamic vehicle that interacts with various forms of electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis. Every moment you are alive, your survival depends on your body’s cellular ability to adapt to, protect itself from, and thrive in a radioactive Universe.

Although we live in a world filled with various forms of energy that can tear atoms apart to their cores, life reassembles itself with time-tested biological strategies.

Prepare yourself for a journey that will stretch the horizons of your mind and empower you with the knowledge of how to apply this new understanding in simple and practical ways in your daily life. Gaining an appreciation and an awareness of the unseen world happening all around, you will change not just the way in which you view the world, but fundamentally and forever change the way in which you interact with it.

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