LUNA 8 oz Liquid Crystalline Minerals


LUNA is a highly structured, stable, mineral rich, living liquid crystal infused into spring water. Because of its crystalline structure, it is superior at cellular hydration and conducting electricity inside the body. The crystal is what gives water its living properties.
We designed LUNA so that it can be taken in a diluted or concentrated form, depending on your individual needs.

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Liquid PHI LUNA 8 oz / 750 ml  Premium Liquid Crystalline Minerals

Life keeps us busy.  Sometimes convenience is exactly what’s called for.

Our vision for our customers was to create the most beautiful bottle design simulating the appearance of a crystal. We hope you enjoy what we’ve created and will carry the bottle everywhere with you, from yoga studio to the boardroom.

  • In its crystalline form, the water has finally reached its ability to organize and deliver specific vital elements to the body, maximizing mineral absorption and delivering superior hydration.
  • The elements contained in the LUNA water are essential for optimal health, longevity as well as mood stabilization and enhancement.
  • Our water has been termed ‘wet water,’ as you can literally taste its sweetness and electrical charge on your tongue.

We pride ourselves in not depleting the last of pristine water sources and instead turning remediated water into premium product that normally would take nature millions of years to create.

The result?  Sweet tasting, structured, mineral rich, alkaline living water.

The way nature intended.

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