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As a health practitioner, I highly recommend Liquid PHI’s LUNA [minerals for] your health plan to deeply nourish your body’s vital electrical systems. Jeanne Normand White, MSOM, L.Ac & owner of Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine

I started with 3 droppers per gallon and felt my nerve endings revitalizing but once I mistakenly drank water without LUNA’s liquid mineral crystals and I realized I couldn’t willingly go without. ~Debra Mulcahy, Mt Shasta, CA.

Aside from providing a deep, nourishing sense of hydration and noticeable lift in overall energy, the most valuable benefit of LUNA [Minerals] for me has been the way it relieves menstrual pain. I woke up recently with pretty excruciating cramps, and a migraine, so I decided to drink a liter of LUNA-inoculated water. Within 30-60 minutes all symptoms had vanished and I felt a total shift in my mood! Having LUNA [Minerals] in my life is a total godsend for easing the physical and emotional stress of monthly menstruation. I strongly recommend it for the ladies! ~ Jennifer Sickle,  Santa Cruz, CA.

With Liquid PHI’s LUNA concentrate, I actually feel my mouth and my body hydrated instead of having to consume glass after glass of plain water. Philip Valentina, Talent, OR.

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