Water Science


The Story of Water

From high clouds to flowing springs, water can take millions of years before it is ready for us to drink. Thanks to the work of our lead scientist at Liquid PHI, we’re now able to mimic the Earth’s natural water life cycle.

Here at Liquid PHI, we’ve discovered the secret key whereby we’re able to transform any water into a liquid crystal containing all of the most vital elements and minerals necessary for life to flourish.

Follow the water’s journey from vapor to crystallization…

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Liquid PHI 2oz Bottle

As a health practitioner, I highly recommend Liquid PHI’s LUNA [minerals for] your health plan to deeply nourish your body’s vital electrical systems. Jeanne Normand White, MSOM, L.Ac & owner of Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine

How LUNA supports your entire system

Here at Liquid PHI labs we utilize years of rigorous research to bring you the best water science and deliver it to your doorstep.

By optimizing oxygen absorption and reducing acidic-metabolic waste products which cause inflammation, soreness in joints and muscles, just few drops of LUNA can help to protect your cells and refresh your day.

The crystals help neutralize waste products and assist the organs in elimination of these wastes, making the body feel recharged, rejuvenated, refreshed, rehydrated and renewed. What’s in your water?

Watch to see DNA grown on liquid crystal, and how LUNA is created here.  

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