Water Science

Discover the origins of LUNA

The Origins of LUNA

LUNA was discovered through extensive research on the earth’s water systems. We learned how the earth takes millions of years to produce the spring water that life on earth evolved with. See the story of water to get a snapshot of this complex process and the beauty of the waterway lifecycle.

Through our research we developed a proprietary process to reproduce what naturally takes millions of years.

We take empty, dead water and combine it with pure, raw minerals which we activate through our unique process to maximize their bio-availability and bio-compatibility, creating LUNA, our crystalline mineral concentrate. This is akin to sprouting seeds as can be seen by the geometric crystalline matrix we produce.

We carefully studied...

the most precious and renowned water systems in the world. The places that humans have regarded for thousands of years for their medicinal properties and to which millions have taken pilgrimage to enjoy the healing properties of these unique waters.

Crater Lake

Mount Shasta

Saratoga Springs

We balanced our search...

for the world’s best springs with an extensive review of epistemological studies and research on which mineral supplements have been proven to be most beneficial.

The result? A liquid Crystalline mineral concentrate that empowers anyone, anywhere, to create the best water on earth.

The Story of Water

From high clouds to flowing springs, water can take millions of years before it is ready for us to drink. Thanks to the work of our lead scientist at Liquid PHI, we’re now able to mimic the Earth’s natural water life cycle, rather than drain the last remaining pristine water sources for drinking water.

Here at Liquid PHI, we’ve discovered the secret key whereby we’re able to transform any water into living water, containing all of the most vital elements and minerals necessary for life to flourish.

Follow the water’s journey from vapor to crystallization…

Our Mission is to
Regenerate the waters of the world
for both people and planet.


Water is life. Fresh water is the most basic necessity for every living organism on the planet earth. The human body is mostly comprised of water; similarly, over 70% of the earth is covered in water. While this may sound like a lot, less than .01% of this water is freshwater available for sustaining life on the surface of the planet. Pollution, climate instability, and mismanagement of our water resources have lead to the global water crisis that we face today.

LUNA was created to solve one of the most critical problems of our time: safe access to clean fresh mineral rich water. We recognized that humanity no longer has access to the life giving surface water that we were intended to drink, because we have contaminated and destroyed the majority of our world’s pristine mineral rich waters.

The luna difference

Some companies have chosen to go to the precious few remaining sources of pristine, mineral rich water, in remote and relatively undisturbed locations to bottle that water and ship it all around the world for the millions of humans that have recognized the importance of drinking high quality water.

Bottling our last remaining natural freshwater sources is unsustainable for people and planet.

LUNA provides a way to take any plain filtered water and turn it into the equivalent of the most high quality water on Earth. It tastes like it would if you harvested it yourself, from the top of a mountain spring.

We call it spring water on Tap.

We can now take any destroyed or contaminated water, clean it with the most efficient water purification technologies we have available and add LUNA to regenerate our water into antioxidant rich, structured, alkaline living water. Liquid Phi Inc is on a mission to solve the global water crisis.

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