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What is bicarbonate? Bicarbonate is typically made by the kidneys and acts as an acid buffer in the body.

Sodium Bicarbonate is also known as baking soda, in it’s natural form it is known as nahcolite, which is part of the natural mineral natron. Natron has been used since ancient times, for instance, the Egyptians used it as a soap for cleaning. In the early part of the 1900’s it’s versatility was expanded and it was widely advertised as a “proven medical agent.”

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Boron allows your body to work smarter, not harder.

Over the past decade scientific research has begun to reveal trace mineral boron’s importance for overall health. The health benefits of boron have been associated with improved brain function, arthritis relief and increasing magnesium absorption. Boron plays an essential role in keeping your bones and joints functioning optimally by helping your body metabolize important minerals like calcium. Boron is important for mineral metabolism and membrane function.

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Calcium is a chemical element that is essential for living organisms, including humans. It is the most abundant mineral in the body and vital for good health.

We need to consume a certain amount of calcium to build and maintain strong bones all throughout life and facilitates healthy communication between the brain and other parts of the body. It is also helpful in the prevention of colon cancer and the reduction of obesity. Calcium is found naturally in many foods; it is also added to certain products, and supplements are available.

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Up to 75% of North Americans may be magnesium-deficient and the fact is magnesium-deficiency worsens with age. Take at least 100 milligrams per day to maintain healthy magnesium levels.

Magnesium Relieves Insomnia.

Nearly 50% of older adults have difficulty getting to sleep or not feeling refreshed upon awakening because of not sleeping well. Magnesium is a key nutrient for sleep, it prepares your body for sleep by relaxing your muscles, it also regulates neurotransmitter activities and it helps your body to manufacture the sleep-enhancing chemicals melatonin and glutathione.

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Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the human body and classified as an electrolyte because it is highly reactive in water.

Potassium dissolved in water produces positively charged ions. This special property should not to be underestimated since it allows it to conduct electricity which is vital for maintaining a high level of well-being and the enjoyment of an improved lifestyle and help reduce blood pressure, help prevent osteoporosis and kidney stones.

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How LUNA supports your entire system

Liquid PHI labs utilizes years of rigorous research to bring you the best water science and deliver it to your doorstep.

By optimizing oxygen absorption and reducing acidic-metabolic waste products which cause inflammation, soreness in joints and muscles, just few drops of LUNA can help to protect your cells and refresh your day.

The minerals in LUNA are in the form of liquid alkali crystals that help neutralize waste products and assist the organs in elimination of these wastes, making the body feel recharged, rejuvenated, refreshed, rehydrated and renewed.


What’s in your water?

How LUNA is created

“I’ve been wanting to kick my coffee habit for a while now and I did within 1 or 2 days on this product. In fact, it’s like I have something better than coffee in my system all day now, without the negatives of coffee. I have had so much motivation, focus and energy that I skip a 2nd dose on some days so I don’t end up staying up too late at night. This product is better than any energy drink or healthy water product I’ve ever used (and I work in the water business)! My skin and under eyes look better. I actually am more motivated to get out of bed in the morning knowing this is waiting for me now. For some reason, my stomach also feels very full on this product, so I am losing weight.”

Catherine Bailey